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While in an ideal world there would be no disputes, no fighting, and no hard feelings, the reality is that sometimes people aren't honest, forthright, and forthcoming. Sometimes we're required to take action to fix wrong-doings and erroneous outcomes.  At Holland Law Group, we strive for civility and integrity as we work towards mutual, amicable resolutions between parties.  In those rare situations where disputes cannot be amicably resolved through mediation and clarification, we kindly, but fiercely, defend our client's rights through litigation. Our multi-faceted approach to litigation means you receive more than solely an estate/probate litigator.  With the Holland Law Group in your corner, you enter the dispute with attorneys on your side who understand and litigate with an extensive knowledge-base and decades of experience fighting for their clients.  At Holland Law Group, our first priority is you. 

Estates and Wills Can Be Contested through Litigation

Litigation can become necessary when there is contention between relatives and/or beneficiaries who believe the property of an estate is being unfairly or incorrectly distributed. Arizonans throughout this great state anxiously employ the Holland Law Group to represent their interests when litigation becomes inevitable and decisions need to be made.  We work closely with our clients in striving to achieve the best results for them and their situation while endeavoring to allay strong emotions that can occur with family disputes. We endeavor to ease your burden by removing the heavy lifting in litigation, allowing you to focus on what is most important.  At Holland Law Group, our desire is that when you leave our office, you feel you've been represented fairly, respectfully, honestly, and that we did everything within our power for you. 

Frequent Causes for Estate Litigation

In general, trusts are created, and then sealed away until a relative passes, with the document being then handled by a trustee to disperse the estate to the beneficiaries/heirs.  Relatives will often contest wills through litigation of those who may have not been updated their estate plans in many years and/or do not reflect the known and understood wishes of a deceased parent or relative. It only makes sense to consult with the Holland Law Group to review the fine print on an estate contract. Beneficiaries/heirs are often puzzled over how to divide an estate according to their relatives wishes, if the contract appears outdated or its contested. Our central aim is to address the values and desires of all party members to ensure a fair division of the estate through litigation. Furthermore, our company values are transparency and objectivity with respecting the time and wishes of our clients.  There are stereotypes that individuals seeking estate litigation endure disorder and feuds between relatives.  Decades of estate litigation services grant us the ability to hone-in and find suitable resolutions to such mayhem, working toward not only a better resolution for our clients, but a better overall experience in the interim.

Holland Law Group's Call to Action

Friction between relatives or benefactors often surfaces during estate litigation. Our clients come first when handling estate litigation. Our top-rated litigation attorneys have worked on a variety of cases and cross-reference them to customize each litigation and each client. At Holland Law Group our top priority involving litigation is that it is civil and dutifully followed through for our clients to reduce unnecessary conflict or expense. We work around the clock to achieve an efficient and swift end to the cases by litigation when needed.

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