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Our team at the Holland Law Group assists our clients in Flagstaff with the varying stages of probate law. Probate is the legal process of administering the estate of a loved one who has passed on. The purpose of probate is to legally and formally ensure that the ultimate intentions of the decedent, as noted in their will or trust, are realized as to who will inherit their belongings when they pass away.  If a person passes without an estate plan, they passed intestate and their estate is probated according to state and local laws of intestacy.  A personal representative of the will takes care of the probating of the estate and the distribution of assets as the instrument instructs them to. They will also tie up loose ends with regards to outstanding or ongoing bills, known and unknown creditors, debts owed, etc.  At Holland Law Group, we want Flagstaff residents to feel supported when it comes to the probate process in successfully carrying out the orders of a will with diligence and efficacy, while preserving the rights of ultimate heirs of the estate.

How is Probate Administered?

The probate administration process is often court-supervised, and designed to carefully and respectfully transfer assets of the estate to the acknowledged beneficiaries/heirs while closing out the remainder of the estate . Addressing issues of probate administration and litigation are difficult for most people. When you or your family is in need of guidance, instruction, and abetment with regard to probate administration, the proper course of action is not always clear. With the Holland Law Group, our staff and protocols are designed to make sure our clients understand how their probate issues are being resolved, and how they might secure their futures, and the futures of their loved ones. Don't wait until it is too late to secure your future. If you are in need of probate law services in the Flagstaff area, contact Holland Law Group today.

The Probate Process for Flagstaff, AZ Clients

There are many factors that affect the probate law process. The probate process can be uncontested or contested. If a will is uncontested, the probate process will include the following steps: paying all debts, claims, and taxes owed by the decedent, collecting all assets of the decedent, settling any existing disputes, and finalizing and distributing all the remaining property to the heirs/beneficiaries. If a will is contested, one reason can be because someone feels they are not receiving their just amount.  Another cause for contesting a will document could include the concern of a beneficiary/heir that the personal representative or executor is not fulfilling their responsibility in their fiduciary duty.  Regardless of whether or not the probate process will be contested, our team at the Holland Law Group will always make sure you have the proper legal support you need.

Let Your Northern Arizona Law Group Understand Probate Law

Whether you are a personal representative, trustee, or executor of the estate dealing with disgruntled family members, or are considering making the probate process go as smoothly as possible for your heirs by having your own estate plan drafted, our legal experts are capable of assisting you with every step of the process. Having a clear and concise estate plan is extremely important by instructing your loved ones on exactly what you would like to happen in the event that something happens to you. Being prepared with a proper and inclusive estate plan can help to avoid the financial and emotional turmoil that comes along with the probate process. We are passionate about the work with which we provide all of our Flagstaff and Northern Arizona clients, and look forward to helping you with all of your probate needs.

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