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At Holland Law Group, we want our clients to feel supported by our team of legal professionals and the services we provide them with. Our legal team is comprised of established attorneys that will always advocate for you in a way that best meets your needs. When a loved one has passed away, it can be a daunting process to seek legal action to ensure their assets are properly distributed among beneficiaries. Our team at Holland Law Group makes it easy for clients in the area of Sedona, Arizona to go through an easy probate process they can trust in. It is our goal to make the probate process go smoothly for every client we work with.

What is Probate Law?

Probate law is the process where a deceased person's estate is distributed according to their trust or will, and any debts owed by the deceased will be paid off. The last will and testament in place will determine who the assets to go if there is no existing will in place. The probate process can become messy if the beneficiaries have disagreements with how the assets are distributed and who inherited certain assets which can also delay the process. If a loved one just passed, and you are having to deal with individuals are trying to claim their assets, or you have an argument about the distribution process, it is always important to seek legal counsel to make sure the probate process is carried out in the most efficient way possible.

The Basic Steps of Probate Law for Sedona, AZ Clients

There are several steps to follow when it comes to the probate process and making sure the proper legal action is taken and followed. First, a petition needs to be filed and heirs and beneficiaries need to be notified about the petition. The petition is filed with the probate court to ensure the process is carried out accordingly. Second, following an appointment by the probate court, the personal representative must give notice to all known creditors of the estate and take inventory of all assets or the estate property. Third, all estate expenses, funeral expenses, taxes, and debts must be paid off. Fourth, the property is legally transferred according to the will or under other addition guidelines if the decedent did not an established will in place. Overall, each step is made easier with assistance from your team of local experts at Holland Law Group. It is our mission to make sure the probate process is conducted professionally and reasonably.

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At Holland Law Group, we are a legal firm that will always fight for what our Sedona clients need. Our attorneys at law will always make sure your probate process can go simply and smoothly leaving you with no additional stress and conflict. We know how difficult it can be to lose a loved one and instead of grieving, you have to take the time to focus on all of their financial and material assets. Let us assist your probate process by providing you with the best legal services in Sedona, Arizona.

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