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When trusts are contested, our team can provide you with the necessary legal assistance.

Trust litigation services require a dependable and knowledgeable law firm to safeguard assets and create airtight contracts. Luckily at Holland Law Group, Prescott residents can rest assured that their assets will be protected by our veteran attorneys experienced in trust litigation. As life progresses and retirement winds around the corner, it may be time to consider a binding legal document that secures assets for beneficiaries. Ensuring a balanced and impartially assembled trust with our trust litigation attorneys creates a satisfying resolve to necessary life events. There are two types and processes of trust ligation that are individually tailored for different interests and circumstances. Litigation Trust

Revocable Trust—Asset Security for the Remainder of a Lifetime

Many people seeking trust services wish to retain control over their assets until they pass away. Lawyers experienced in trust litigation at Holland Law Group grants the settlor of trusts maximum autonomy with overseeing property and financial assets. Some people wish to form a revocable trust during retirement or other major life events to ensure their assets are protected. We assist with revocable trusts among Prescott residents in several ways. Trust Litigation.

A central part of settling a trust is building a legally binding contract with our lawyers to guide and protect life after retirement. However, the contract may be revised in the event of financial or personal difficulties. Revocable trusts may also benefit multiple beneficiaries or just a single person until the assets are distributed after the grantor passes away. The trust fund is monitored based upon the stipulations of the contract and directly affected by the beneficiaries. Unlike a revocable trust, an irrevocable trust cannot be revised and protects the interests of grantor.

Irrevocable Trusts Generate Financial Security

Litigation lawsuits may endanger assets contained in revocable trusts, which are liable to be seized from Prescott residents. Essentially, irrevocable trusts are set in stone once instituted by our litigation pros Holland Law Group and cannot be modified. There are many benefits with setting up and irrevocable trust including no taxes, immunity from lawsuits, and security in knowing contracts and funds will never change in one's lifetime.

Our Prescott clients may prefer this type of trust for several reasons. Maybe a grandparent wishes to set aside considerable funds for their grandchildren to pay off college tuition one day. Or a person may work in career that is inclined towards lawsuits or client settlements. Either way, the trust cannot be modified in any way until the creator perishes and the trust is passed on to the benefactors.

Trusts are Fundamental for Financial Security

If you are gearing towards retirement of have assets that need to be secured for grandchildren of benefactors, don't wait to contact Holland Law Group! Trusts are not a black and white situation and may be personalized by adept attorneys, such as our law specialists. If you are in need for legal services regarding wills or estates, look no further! We hone-in and dissect legal contracts to provide our clients the very best services in Prescott.

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