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Trusts litigation is a specific practice of law that covers the mediation, resolution and, when necessary, litigation of trust proceedings. The Holland Law Group is a dedicated team of attorneys who understand and are experienced in trust litigation in Sedona, AZ. There are several types of trusts, including marital, bypass, testamentary and more. By choosing the best trust litigation attorneys in Sedona, you will be prepared for court proceedings and educated on your rights.

Complications of a trust can be complex, involving many different parties. The Holland Law Group has years of dedicated experience in a variety of trust cases. We understand that these types of legal battles can be emotional and mentally straining, so we work directly with you to ensure you're comfortable with each decision that is made on your behalf. Sedona trust litigation is our specialty. We handle the heavy lifting so you can concentrate on your family and other matters that need your attention.

What is a Trust?

A trust is simply an agreement that allows a trustee to manage certain assets on behalf of a beneficiary or beneficiaries. Trusts can be implemented in a number of ways, giving the trustee say-so over how and when the assets are given to the beneficiaries.

Trusts are typically not processed through probate court, so beneficiaries have access to assets much faster than with traditional wills. If an irrevocable trust is used, it may not be included in the taxable estate, requiring fewer taxes to be paid at the time of your loved one's death.

What Does is Mean to Practice Trust Litigation?

The Holland Law Group is committed to fighting for fairness in asset distribution. When you're facing tough decisions about how protect your rights or face family members in court, you need to choose an experienced litigator who will represent your best interests. Multiple parties may be involved in trust litigation, include a beneficiary, trustee, or personal representative of a decedent's estate, and our talented team of attorneys will counsel you on your responsibilities, rights and legal options.

Our trust litigation practice includes representing clients in guardianship disputes, will and trust contests, and claims against fiduciaries. We've successfully completed extensive work in the probate courts and hold vast knowledge of the precise procedures connected to trust and probate disputes. No matter how complex the case, the Holland Law Group is the most reliable Sedona trust litigation legal team.

Why Trusts End Up In Court

Trusts are often formed when the settlor was to secure personal or business assets in a separate fund to avoid probate, minimize estate taxes, or provide care for a vulnerable dependent. When complications arise dealing with the trust – both before and after the settlor's death – you need clear advice from an experience trust litigation team.

Issues that could force action in probate court:

-Accusations of fraud or stealing against the trustee.

-Accusations of inappropriate asset distribution or management by trustee.

-Dispute between beneficiaries involved in trust.

-Failure to adequately transfer title to assets into trust during settlor's life.

-Unwarranted influence or pressure on the settlor when the trust is created.

Trust Litigation Services in Sedona, AZ

The Holland Law Group understands the difficult situations that can arise during such an emotional, and often unexpected, experience. We know that trust litigation is much more than what happens in the courtroom. The stress of an emotional experience can be difficult to handle, which is why you need a trustworthy Sedona trust litigation attorney to handle your case. Our staff is available to meet with you to determine what your next move should be.

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