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The attorneys at Holland Law Group, PLLC have an in-depth understanding of the processes, regulations, and methods of protecting and enforcing the rights of secured and unsecured creditors in a wide variety of areas in both state and federal courts. We help businesses, banks, lenders, individuals and financial institutions develop effective strategies to enforce their rights as creditors. Our breadth of expertise in commercial, corporate, and real estate law enables us to develop comprehensive legal strategies to meet the changing and diverse needs of our clients.

Our Full Range of Services

We offer a full range of secured and unsecured creditors' rights services, including representation in:

  1. Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act defense
  2. Demand letters/Collection letters
  3. Repossessions or replevin of personal property collateral
  4. Foreclosure by court action or by non-judicial methods when available
  5. Deeds in lieu of foreclosure
  6. Mechanics' liens claims
  7. Workouts
  8. Filing of suit with or without prejudgment liens and trustee process
  9. Collection of unsecured debt, including accounts receivable, credit card and medical receivables
  10. Judicial and non-judicial real estate foreclosures
  11. Real estate lien disputes
  12. Commercial collections
  13. Contractual and statutory liens and lien priority issues
  14. Commercial lease disputes
  15. Probate Court claim proceedings

Post-Judgement Collection

  1. Writ of Garnishment – most often used to attach wages and bank accounts. Judgment creditors can obtain a garnishment of wages after judgment for 10% to 25% of the debtor's wages
  2. Writ of Execution – used to levy on the debtor's property to satisfy the debt
  3. Investigation, property, and employment location
  4. Disclosure hearings/Debtors exams
  5. Sheriff's sales
  6. Enforcement of domestic obligations including property division, child support, and maintenance


We understand that creditors are concerned about protecting their rights when debtors file for bankruptcy. We safeguard the interests of creditors during the bankruptcy process, regularly appearing in bankruptcy court, hearings, and other proceedings. We assist with:

  1. Relief from automatic stay proceedings
  2. Non-dischargeability actions
  3. Reaffirmation agreements
  4. Protection of claims and collateral
  5. Proofs of claims
  6. Plan confirmations
  7. Creditor committees
  8. Challenging the automatic stay
  9. Fraudulent conveyances
  10. Lien priority disputes
  11. Bankruptcy reclamation
  12. Defending preferences

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